5 Temple in Yogyakarta You Shouldn’t Miss Besides Borobudur & Prambanan

UNESCO World Heritage Site Borobudur and Prambanan temple are definitely the greatest charm and the main reason why tourists visiting Yogyakarta. But the main tourist hub in Java has more cultural & architectural treasures to offer. The region and Java island in general was the center for Buddhist and Hindhu kingdom for centuries. The great ancient civilization has left abundant remarkable temples, palaces, and ruins with a mixture of Buddhist and Hindhu style. When you are planning trip to Yogyakarta, I suggest you consider and spare some time to visit these 5 temple in Yogyakarta, besides Prambanan and Borobudur temple.

1. Plaosan Temple

Located only 1 kilometer from the Prambanan temple, Plaosan temple offers a unique mixture between Buddhist and Hindu culture. The 9th-century Buddhist temple was built with a Hindhu architectural style when Rakai Pikatan, a Hindhu king from the Sanjaya dynasty was about to marry his lover, Pramodyawardhani, which came from the Buddhist dynasty Syailendra.

Surrounded by beautiful Indonesian ricefield, both of the main temples look impressive, as if coming out from another world from different times. While ruins of other small temples were left just like that. Plaosan temple often called as twin temple, referring to 2 its main temple. Locals also called it as Candi Plaosan Lor (North Plaosan Temple) and Candi Plaosan Kidul (South Plaosan Temple). Candi Plaosan Kidul is surrounded by 8 smaller temples, while Candi Plaosan Lor is equipped with a pendopo (gazebo-like building) and 3 altars. Both temples are guarded by the Dwarapala statue.

As it is located very close to the Prambanan temple, it would be a loss for you if you don’t visit this historic temple while visiting Prambanan or another temple in Yogyakarta. It takes 10 minutes by car or motorbike to reach the Plaosan temple from Prambanan. Take the direction toward Klaten, Central Java then turn left, follow the road sign, and turn right. From this point, you’ll see the tip of the temple.

Combo ticket for Prambanan, Plaosan & Sojiwan temple : $28,5.

2. Sojiwan Temple

A nice blend of Hindhu and Buddhist architecture also can be seen on the Sojiwan temple, which is located approximately 2 kilometers at southeastern Prambanan. Sojiwan temple looks more like other Buddhist temples in Java such as Borobudur and Mendut temple, compared with Plaosan temple, even though both temples are indeed a Buddhist temple. An interesting part of this temple is 19 relief carved with fable stories on the bottom side.

Located at Kebon Dalem Kidul village, Prambanan district, Klaten regency, Central Java province, the Buddhist Mahayana temple was built in the 9th century. It then had collapsed until its ruins found by a British named Colin Mackenzie while Java was under British occupation during the 19th century. Indonesian government then starting its reconstruction project from 1996 – 2006. The 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake was putting it on hold until it was being continued and finished in 2011.

One temple in Yogyakarta, Sojiwan temple can be reached by driving a car or motorbike for 10 minutes from the Prambanan temple.

Combo ticket for Prambanan, Plaosan & Sojiwan temple : $28,5.

3. Ratu Boko

One of the best spots to watch the sunset in Yogyakarta. Ratu Boko is often called by locals as Ratu Boko temple, while in fact, it is a ruin of a palace. Abhayagiri Vihara inscription mentioned that the palace was built by a Mataram King Rakai Panangkaran when he abdicated from his position as a king. Most of the buildings in the complex have been ruined, but you can still see some of its historic ruins such as a white stone temple, a burning temple, some small temples, and 2 hermitage cave. You can also see some Buddhist and Hindu gods and goddesses statues such as Dhyani-Buddha, Durga, Yoni, dan Ganesh. The most prominent part of Ratu Boko itself is 5 front gates and 3 main gates. It always becomes a selfie spot for visitors especially when the sun is setting.

Ratu Boko located 3 kilometers south of the Prambanan temple. It can be reached by driving a car or motorbike for 15 minutes from Prambanan. As one of the most visited temples in Yogyakarta and with its historic value, you’re better not to miss this one. The ticket is $25/ person, or you can opt to buy a combo ticket for Prambanan & Ratu Boko for $42,5 (day time ticket).

4. Ijo Temple

Only 4 kilometers south of Ratu Boko you will see the highest temple in Yogyakarta. Ijo Temple, which literally means green temple, is located at an altitude of 410 meters, at the top of Gumuk Ijo hill, part of Batur Agung hills in Sambirejo village, Prambanan district, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta. It was built to worship the 3 highest gods in Hindhu: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

If you want to witness a sunset in the temple in Yogyakarta, you can opt to visit the Ijo temple. Take your time to see the intricate carvings of the main temple and 3 smaller temples in the complex. Then head across the road to a small coffee shop at the tip of the hill to enjoy a sip of black coffee while enjoying Yogya’s night scenery. Nice.

Ticket is $0,68.

5. Kalasan Temple

Before you head to Yogyakarta city, take your time to make a stop at Kalasan temple. Located only 4 kilometers from the Prambanan temple, the 8th-century Buddhist temple can be reached by driving for 9 minutes from Prambanan. It’s very easy to spot temple in Yogyakarta as it can be seen from Jl. Jogja-Solo. Kalasan temple is currently under some reconstructions, but it doesn’t mean temple in Yogyakarta is not worth visiting. In fact, it has a lot of historical values.

Kalasan temple was built by one of Mataram King Rakai Panangkaran to worship the goddess of Tara. There was a statue of her inside the temple but unfortunately, it has long been gone. He also built a monastery for the monks at a place nearby which is currently known as Sari Temple, while the monks lived around Kalasan temple.

Ticket is $0,68.

All temples I mentioned above are located close to the Prambanan temple. You can visit it all in one day including the Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta if you start your trip from early morning. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and bring a hat as the area is pretty humid and hot during the day, even in the rainy season.

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