Chasing Waterfalls Near Ubud, Bali & Surrounding

One of Bali’s most beautiful natural attractions is its waterfalls. I’ve been to some of it while living & visiting Bali on different occasions. Some of it is located around Ubud, while the others are in West Bali. Although the title of this article is chasing waterfalls, I didn’t start the journey merely for visiting the waterfall itself or to witness the Bali most-viral waterfalls on Instagram. I am more interested in the journey itself, the hike, the scenery, and I value serene moments above anything else, hence I also went to some unknown waterfalls in Ubud and around Bali. Here are 5 waterfalls near Ubud, Bali, and surrounding that I can recommend you to visit as well :

  1. Goa Rang Reng Waterfall

A nice cascade waterfall set in the middle of the jungle, located outside Ubud in Gianyar regency. It took around 1,5 hours by car from Seminyak to get here. Once I arrived at the parking lot, I had to pay Rp.10.000,- ($0,70) entrance fee. It was a very nice trip seeing the waterfall and nature around as it’s clean, scenic, and very quiet. Nobody here except me and some locals. The waterfall trip reminds me a bit of my trip to a turquoise waterfall in Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta.

Goa Rang Reng Waterfall is frequently used by locals for spiritual cleansing. On the left of the falls is a cave, regarded as a holy place by locals. Remember to dress in decent clothing if you plan to enter the cave.

2. Sumampan Waterfall

One of the hidden gems waterfalls in Ubud. Sumampan Waterfall is a relatively unknown waterfall located within the Gianyar Regency, roughly 25 minutes from the center of Ubud. The road toward the waterfall is pretty scenic, passing through Balinese traditional houses in the village’s compound. Since I had the trip in August which is Indonesian independence month, every house raises the Indonesian flag. It flutters in the wind along the road.

We parked the scooter in front of a coffee shop near the small alley leading to the waterfall, then following the signages. The track into Sumampan Waterfall is rather nice, winding through tall palm trees and long grass until it reaches the trailhead down to the actual Falls themselves. Here, some stairs begin that are still relatively overgrown and can get slippery, so take care.

To reach Sumampan Waterfall, I had to cross the river. The current was quite strong but luckily I can hold on to the rope stretched on both sides of the river. If you visit the waterfalls near Ubud, Bali during the rainy season, it could get harder to cross the river. I don’t recommend you to do it as it’s dangerous. Sumampan waterfall itself consists of a 10-meter high single waterfall. The water is crystal clear, caused by the runoff from nearby rice fields. At the bottom of the waterfall is a small pool which isn’t perfect for swimming as the water at the base is not very deep.

Another interesting and unique point from waterfalls in Ubud is there are rock carvings depicting Balinese Gods around the bottom of the falls and adorning the river banks in the vicinity of the falls. These were sculpted by a local artist by the name of Nyoman Retana in 2018. Sumampan Waterfall is located 5 minutes away from the well-known Tegenungan Waterfall and a few minutes back down the road from Uma Anyar Waterfall. You can visit all three waterfalls near Ubud, Bali on one day trip.

To visit Sumampan Waterfall, you need to pay an entrance fee of Rp.10.000,- ($0,70).

3. Tukad Cepung Waterfall

The Insta-famous waterfall is one of the waterfalls near Ubud, Bali that is worth visiting. Tukad Cepung Waterfall is famous for sun rays that beam through the falls, creating natural beams across the canyon-like rock formations. Located in Tembuku, Bangli Regency, Tukad Cepung Waterfall is best visited in the morning (around 10 AM) to avoid the crowds. I went there when Bali is still closed off from tourists, but when I got there, I had to queue as some tourists took their time to take photos.

It takes 15 minutes from the entrance to reach the waterfall, but it’s pretty straightforward and easy. I had to climb down the stairs then following a forest trail, and finally going through the canyon.

The best time to visit Tukad Cepung Waterfall is during the dry season (April – October). The ticket is Rp.10.000,- ($0,70) and parking is free. Tip: You can combine the trip to waterfalls in Ubud by visiting Besakih temple and Tegallalang rice terrace as well since it’s pretty close to each other.

4. Juwuk Manis Waterfall

Not too far from Bunut Bolong in Jembrana Regency, West Bali, located amidst a village is the hidden gem Juwuk Manis Waterfall. It’s not popular at all so you won’t see many tourists heading to the waterfalI. To reach Juwuk Manis Waterfall in Negara, Bali, I had to get downstairs for 20 minutes. The waterfall itself isn’t gigantic, consists of two adjacent small waterfalls with a clear water pool on the bottom. The waterfall might not very impressive, but the journey to the bottom itself was enjoyable.

Entrance fee : free

5. Sing-Sing Angin Waterfall

Located in Manikyang, Selemadeg, Tabanan regency, Sing-Sing Angin Waterfall is another hidden gem in Bali. There weren’t other tourists there so I had all for myself. The twin waterfall looks decently wide, not particularly tall but looks beautiful in its shelter enclave in the middle of the forest. There’s one swing facing the waterfall for anyone who wants to take a selfie or just enjoying the view.

Besides the waterfall, there are some other scenic views nearby. We were passing through quaint villages and stunning rice terraces that look like Tegallalang near Ubud! It’s very stunning, I don’t think one has to go to Tegallalang once they’ve been here. If you wanna visit Sing-Sing Waterfall after/ before the trip to Negara, Bali, just follow Google Maps. Getting here is pretty straightforward. To reach the waterfall, head down the stairs for two minutes. Sing-Sing Angin Waterfall opens from 8 AM – 5 PM and is free to enter. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen, bring a towel and also an insect repellent.

Note : Juwuk Manis Waterfall and Sing-Sing Angin Waterfall can be done in one same trip to Negara, Bali/ West Bali.

Waterfalls near Ubud, Bali are indeed fascinating. It might be not as gigantic as other waterfalls in other parts of the world, but it definitely pretty and worth visiting. If you’d like to avoid crowds as I did, you’d better visit the lesser-known waterfalls as I mentioned above, or head there soon since tourists will be returning to Bali soon as it will be opened to international tourists the next week.

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