May 2019 : At The Crossroad of Life

Imagine you want a big house for long and have worked hard to build it little by little. You thought & felt everything will fall into place because you are such a good planner and you believe that the universe will help those who have strong desire & determinations. But a few moments before you move into the dream house, suddenly the earthquake shook and brought down the house that was almost finished. You find yourself staring blank and feel disoriented…

Imagine you love a place too much. Everything used to feel perfect. You love the routine, the stability, the people around you, the weather & nature, the life itself, and especially the feelings. You feel you’re at the happiest point. But things change. People change. The situation forces you to move out to a place you don’t want to live in….

Tropical paradise

You find your life is crumbled and now you have to rebuild it from scratch. But life must go on, even though you wish the plane will fall down. Ugh, you gotta do something for your life & happiness!

Beyond your expectation, the new life goes easier than you thought before. You find a smaller city with a laid back atmosphere and wonderful people to be lived in. You got to meet old friends, new friends, some charming people, some beautiful soul, and most importantly, you make sure to be surrounded by positive vibes only. You learn to release the emotions and cut ties with those who hurt you the most for the sake of yourself.

On the 1st until the 3rd week, you still feeling depressed. You feel hard to keep being productive even though you always love working. Things change on the fourth week. It turns out meeting people & trying new activities helps. You feel a little happier, your desire to travel and see nature returns. You are beginning to think that you are ready for new adventures & ambitions.

So, are you ready to make new plans and take the risks?. Or are you gonna follow where life takes you ?.

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